5 Best Industrial Racking Systems

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Racking system in a warehouse facility functions as an entire framework of a business operation. It is a material handling storages and aid system. This is crafted to store materials or things on skids. In choosing an industrial racking system you will need a racking solution (selective pallet racking, drive-in or drive-through racking, push- back racking, and cantilever racking ) that can be suited to your warehouse space and are can be long lasting. cantilever rack But how can you choose a good quality industrial warehouse? Simple. Check this out.

The first thing to do is to check and evaluate the space you’re in. Decide whether racking, or shelving is conceptually needed. Industrial warehouse racks are most suited, efficient, and effective choice. This type of racking is for large items, large area, and for high product flows. Secondly, is to choose whether what style of racks and/or combination of style are best suited to your warehouse spaces. Areas of industrial warehouse racking must not be limited to only one variety, size, or types. There are numerous choices to choose from. For instance, exploring all the possible options can be the best way in order to modify a warehouse and maximize the industrial spaces.

Some factors need to be considered in choosing what industrial warehouse racking. These includes, the type of items that are to be stored, the product flow requirement, the utilization of vehicles (e.g. Forklift), or whether you’re storing pallets, identifying the available storage areas such as the elevation, and identifying the kind of environment you are storing (e.g. Freezer, humid or more). The layout of warehouse racking can be used to furnish the whole warehouse and might include a smaller part of your warehouse space. With a lot of options to offer, modifying the industrial warehouse system, this is to maximize the efficiency and the density. This can be combined with numerous material handling solutions so that it can be suited to the needs of the user.

1. Selective pallet rack

It is one of the most common racking system used in today’s world and is known or used as a big box distribution. It is ideal for all warehouses and distributors that require access to most of the palletized materials in a single time and to those who have simultaneous product circulation. This pallet rack system provides an easy accessibility in all of the products simultaneously and is essential if your inventories are rapidly restocked or depleted. Pallet/s are either, unloaded or loaded from the front in a selective pallet system. Selective pallet systems commonly come in one of its two configurations; the roll formed or the clip-in configuration, and the structural configuration.

A. Roll Formed

It is commonly manufactured in teardrop style - the holes on its column of in the upright are formed like a teardrop. Pallets then align with the horizontal beams that are held in place by using some mounting clips. Because these clips on the teardrop configurations can be easily be moved, shelves are easily be adjusted to some different heights to accompany numerous load sizes. This is so convenient for some warehouses that are in need to store a large variety of products types and sizes.

B. Structural

This is similar to roll formed, but its horizontal beams are attached uprights with some bolts and have a more weight bearing capacities. The bolt’s fixing creates a form of an adjustable shelving. Which racks may be constructed, dismantled, reconfigured or reused if it necessary.

2. Drive-in or drive-through rack

It is an ideal in storing large quantities of any products with a long lifespan, products that require a large and a one time mover, and products with large homogeneous quantities. Lift trucks unload and load by just entering by the front of this system, then back it out, make it a LIFO inventory management. In a drive through racks, the lift trucks are capable of entering both ends of this system for an unloading and loading purposes, allowing for a FIFO storage (first-in-first-out) option. This is a convenient choice but it requires an additional space.

3. Push- back rack

This is designed around a concept of organizing spaces through depth not on its width. The depth arrangement reduces the space, on the other hand, increases the storage densities. In this kind of configuration, each of its bays can be composed of up to 6 pallets deep. Each kind of pallet is stored on the wheeled carts can fit in the rails. These rails are angled slightly towards the unload or load side of a rack so that it can take control of the gravity and saving some large numbers of energies for moving the pallets. If the forklift is set in the pallet into a cart, it will drive in front and resulted in its pallet to move the preceding pallet, causing all rows of the pallets to move backward. When removing the pallet coming from a forward place the remaining pallet immediately stages themselves in front, in order that the preceding available pallets can easily be accessed. If the (LIFO) system, it is a push back- rack.

4. Cantilever rack

An ideal king for an easy retrieving or storing products with varying sizes, length, and weights, for example; furniture, lumbers, and plumbings. This cantilever system doesn’t require uprights, as a result, it allows for an easy product’s selectivity and accessibility with a high aisle densities. This system also offers an easy arm adjustment, which provides a full range/s of loading capabilities which can be modified to your won storage application.

5. Carton flow rack

Ideal for storing products or materials with expiration dates, such as beverages and foods, materials which vary in sizes, and cold or freezers storage purposes. This is also a practical way for a high volume piece pick and case pick purposes, as your products are continually available to pickers that are working on this system. This industrial type warehouse racking option/s are crafted for storages and distributors that require (FIFO) inventory management and can be altered in some alternative ways that will make it customizable. The racks support the inclined wheels or rollers that allow the carton to easily glide from the backward aisle to front aisle. Brakes can also be inclined to a speed control. These kind of gravity system promotes an excellent utilization of volumes.

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